Novatron Stadler “Albert” Dehumidifier (JS18M)

Novatron Stadler “Albert” Dehumidifier (JS18M)

This mobile humidifier is the perfect choice for homes, conservation storage for artifacts and small galleries. The JS18M ”Albert” can also be used in new builds to dry them out and once plugged in and in position, it is safe for 24hr operations.

Top features include automatic and adjustable integral digital humidity controller, air filter, frost guard, three fan speeds, and automatic switch off when the water container is full. It can also be used for permanent connection to drain.

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Additional information

Dehumidification load

18 litres per day

Water container

capacity 4.6 litres

Noise level speed 1

33 dBA

Noise level speed 3



655mm H 350mm W 252mm D


20% to 80% RH

For rooms up to