nLink Analog Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

nLink Analog Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

  • High accuracy
  • Simple to install & configure
  • Easy user calibration

nLink Analog Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

Designed for accuracy, these transmitters can be used for industrial process control and applications where measurement of relative humidity or temperature is required.

Allows you to monitor relative humidity and temperature easily from an Android phone or PC with confidence.
Offers proportional, linear, and highly accurate dual 4 to 20 mA output current.

• Dual channel RH & T
• IP67 Housing
• Compatible with all NSENS probes from Novasina
• 4-20 mA
• 2 scalable analog outputs: current 0/4..20mA or voltage 0/2..10V

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Additional information

Relative Humidity

0 – 100%rh (electronic saturation protection)


-20 to +80ºC (sensor environment)


+/0.5% rh, 15-30ºC

Power Supply

24V +/- 15% AC or DC

Analogue output

4 scalable analogue outputs, current 0/4..20mA or voltage 0/2..10V. RS485 Digital output.

Climate computer

The instrument can be switched to all ISO and US units.

Air temperature

Relative humidity – Dewpoint temperature – Specific enthalpy – Mixing ratio.