Novasina LabSwift-AW

Novasina LabSwift-AW

  • Compact design
  • Optional battery operated
  • Entry level analytical meter

Novatron is proud to present the newest product for water activity measurement, never before has water activity measurement been so simple and fast. The latest sensor and measurement technology together with a user friendly design, allows the measurement of the important quality parameter “aw-value”.

The LabSwift-aw with its ergonomic design offers the possibility for portable measurements thanks to the optional lithium-ion battery. All data of a measurement, including the desired protocols are stored on an SD card and can be transferred to a PC or printer. A special program is available for the analysis of this data. The evaluation can also be done by a spreadsheet using Excel, this assures full quality assurance and traceability of all measurement data. The LabSwift-aw excels with speed, high measurement accuracy, reproducibility and robustness. Consequently this system sets new standards for the portable aw-value measurement.

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Additional information

Measuring principle

AW-value = Resistive-electrolytic

Sample temperature = Surface Infrared-measurement + NTC


AW-value = +/- 0.010 aw

Sample temperature = +/- 0.15 °K


AW-value = 0.10 ….. 0.95 aw (10 …95% rh)

Sample temperature = 5….45 °C ( 41……113°F )


AW-value = +/- 0.001 aw

Sample temperature = +/- 0.1°C

Accuracy of control

No temperature control available

Mains supply

5 VDC +/- 6% max power requirement : 4 W

Lithium ion battery 1700 mAh with protection control & "auto load"

Power supply

90….264 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, output -> 5 VDC


Reflective, high contrast LCD display, 35×69 mm


3 multi-function keys including On / Off


SD card interface type: SD / SD HC data system: FAT-16 / FAT-32


Two-part PVC design housing, measurement chamber aluminium


1.2 kg

Dimensions approx

225 x 140 x 85 mm

Protection class

IP 30

Measuring chamber

Volume 21.1 ml standardised sample dishes Spring-loaded measurement head (diameter 40 x 12 mm)

Special feature

Intelligent “Novalyte“ measurement sensor CM-2 with cal point memory