Novasina LabTouch-AW

Novasina LabTouch-AW

  • Semi-sample temperature control ( above ambient)
  • Touch screen control
  • Fast results

Novatron is proud to present the new Labtouch mid-range water activity meterwith fixed sample temperature control Using the latest sensor and measurement technology together with a user friendly design, allows the measurement of the important quality parameter “aw-value” to suit applications in between our Labmaster and LabSwift instruments.

The LabTouch-aw with its ergonomic design offers the possibility for an economic solution to water activity testing where sample temperature control is needed. All data of a measurement, including the desired protocols are stored on an SD card and can be transferred to a PC or printer. A special program is available for the analysis of this data. The evaluation can also be done by a spreadsheet using Excel, this assures full quality assurance and traceability of all measurement data.

The LabTouch-aw excels with speed, high measurement accuracy, reproducibility and robustness. Consequently this system sets new standards for the portable aw-value measurement.

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