Novatron Stadler “Edward” Humidifier

Novatron Stadler “Edward” Humidifier

The ”Edward” humidifier is very easy to use and has a neat, slim-line design making it perfect for small areas, art stores, domestic art collectors, offices, and even libraries and conservation studios.

Getting started is also incredibly convenient. You simply fill the tank with water and plug the unit in, then turn it on for an instant benefit. As a result, no installation is required.

For more information on this humidifier, please call our sales team on 01403 754416.

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Additional information


230V / 50Hz

Power consumption level

8 – 32W

Humidity output level

Up to 7 ltrs per day

Suitable for rooms up to


Water capacity

6 litres


470 x 290 x 200 mm

Weight (empty)

3.9 kg

Operating noise level

25 – 46 dB(A) 4 speed levels