QuantaDat transmitter

QuantaDat transmitter

  • High accuracy
  • Simple to install & configure
  • Easy user calibration

The all new QuantaDat instrument is a precise robust humidity and temperature measurement instrument / transmitter for control and regulation of industrial processes, as well as monitoring and data recording in the process control field.

A modular transmitter used as a display and signal output unit with 4 sensor channels. The intelligent sensors are recognised automatically and the measuring channels can be assigned and set up within the configuration menu. The integral processor allows the display and output of calculated climatic parameters. 4 scalable and adjustable analogue outputs as well as an RS-485 digital interface are built-in as standard. The QuantaDat transmitter is also available in a version with two additional integrated relay switches.

The digital nSens-HT humidity/temperature and nSens-T temperature sensors works over the whole measurement range with high accuracy and linear response characteristics. The calibration data is stored direct onto the sensor. The verification / calibration is performed by PC using the nSoft-CAL software. These plug-in sensor probes are quickly replaced on site and the newly calibrated system may be put back into use again quickly, maintaining highest accuracy.

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Additional information

Relative Humidity

0 – 100%rh (electronic saturation protection)


-20 to +80ºC (sensor environment)


+/0.5% rh, 15-30ºC

Power Supply

24V +/- 15% AC or DC

Analogue output

4 scalable analogue outputs, current 0/4..20mA or voltage 0/2..10V. RS485 Digital output.

Climate computer

The instrument can be switched to all ISO and US units.

Air temperature

Relative humidity – Dewpoint temperature – Specific enthalpy – Mixing ratio.