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On-site Demonstration & Consultation

Discover the perfect instrument for your requirements with our no-obligation on-site demonstration & consultation service. Feel confident in your product choice and that it delivers the results that you require.

Request an on-site demonstraion of one of our products today to see whether it fits your needs before committing to purchase.

- no cost to you

Factory sample

On-site demonstration
& consultation

Full report of

How does it work?

Test your samples easily and with minimal effort.
Contact us to book an on-site demonstration & consultation.

On-site Demonstration & Consultation

One of our experienced sales representatives will visit your office.

They will bring the instrument of your choice with them and will conduct a live testing demonstration of samples for you to evaluate.

This will be in accordance to current government regulations for Covid-19.

Factory Sample testing

Send your samples to Novatron for testing using the instrument of your choice. Samples are tested by one of our technicians and an overview report provided.

We’ll email you the report after receiving the samples.

Why book an on-site demonstration & consultation?

What does a report show?

A bespoke report using your samples

Reports are produced as a CSV or PDF file.

If you use our factory sample testing option, your results will be emailed to you after receiving the samples.

Dependant on the individual instruments capabilities you’ll receive the data as a graph or a spreadsheet.

Email Us

Do you have questions about a demonstration and which option is best?
Need more details on the results report?
If you have any questions about our on-site demonstration & consultation service, please click the button below to email us:

Request your no-obligation on-site demonstration & consultation

How it works:

  • Contact us to discuss which product is best for you
  • We’ll schedule in an appointment
  • On the day we’ll arrive with the requested instrument
  • We’ll conduct a live demonstration

All we will need from you is your time and for your prepared samples.