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Water Activity Meter | LabStart-aW (Novasina)

Low cost entry level instrument

Water activity and ERH% precision instrument

Ideal for the food industry including bakers or chocolatiers

The LabStart-aW is an economical solution to precise, yet accurate water activity testing over the mid range only of 0.3 to 0.75 aW units.

The LabStart-aW excels with speed, high measurement accuracy, reproducibility and robustness.

Consequently this system sets new standards for the portable aW-value measurement and by far surpasses the precision and reliability of results provided by other portable aW / ERH% meters in the portable entry level meter market.

Supplied complete with calibration standard SAL-T 75% and sample cups.

Selecting the correct water activity meter

Ideal for bakery industry or chocolatiers for water activity / ERH% testing of long self-life products within the range 0.3 – 0.75 aW.


Affordable, portable, precision water activity / ERH% meter

  • Portable, light-weight design supplied with sample cups and calibration standards
  • Fast equilibrium times as low as 5 mins, powders, solids or liquids
  • Self-adjusting calibration against re-usable salts 33 & 75%with UKAS certification
  • No sample temperature control
  • For use 0.3 aW up to 0.75 aW (± 1% accuracy ) or 0-1.0 aW (± 3% accuracy)
  • Calibration points at 33 & 75 % humidity standards
  • UKAS certified calibration standard SAL-T 33 & 75 % included
  • Fast stability quick setting 2 mins observation time
  • Sensor protective filters EVC21 included for samples with non-aqueous volatiles


Food Industry
Food Industry

Water Activity Meter | LabStart-aW (Novasina)