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Oil & Gas

Water activity or ERH%, is widely used as a quality control measure to formulate materials used for drilling and processing

Art & Heritage

Control the humidity levels in heritage properties and museums with the Defensor range of products


Control water activity level and extend shelf-life! Improve product effectiveness by maintaining stability of active ingredients

Food Industry

Help extend the shelf life of fresh foods by measuring the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH%),


Measure ERH% in pharmaceuticals to maintain stability of the composition and effectiveness of the active ingredients (API).

Cigars & Tobacco

A humidity controlled environment is essential for tobacco products to avoid deterioration and other quality problems.

Industrial Environmental Control

Data logging instruments for measuring humidity, temperature / transmitter for control and regulation of industrial processes

Service & Calibration

Regular service and calibration of all measuring instruments is essential to guarantee continued reliability of results, fast readings and certificates of compliance for your own quality system and audits.

Service & Maintenance

It’s important to perform regular maintenance and servicing on your
Defensor humidifiers to ensure they are working their best and keeping
the environment at the preferred humidity.

Novatron Scientific has a team of qualified, experienced engineers who
will visit your premises to carry out preventative maintenance and make
sure that your portable humidifiers remain safe, efficient and reliable.