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Water Activity Meter | Labmaster Neo AW (Novasina)

Touch screen, testing up 1.0 aw in under 10 minutes

Fully 21 CFR 11 compliant for Pharma & Food industries

New for 2020 – the ISO 18787 : 2017 water activity testing standard specifies essential test methods, resolution & stability time . This feature is now included on all Labmaster Neo instruments as an ‘ISO Button’ that you can select automatically. All existing Labmaster Neo instruments can be updated with this function.

Water activity
Adjustable Equilibrium
Water activity

Measure water activity with confidence

The LabMaster-aW neo is a high precision water activity meter that is the ideal choice for routine determination of water activity with sample temperature control, where absolute confidence in reading is essential.

Selecting the correct water activity meter

Benefits of using the Water Activity Meter | Labmaster Neo AW (Novasina)

Water activity measurement is important to maintain high product quality safety and shelf life. By measuring water activity, it is easier to predict which microorganisms will be possible sources of spoilage.

Measuring water activity makes it possible to control and improve the manufacturing process to ensure mechanical, physical, chemical and microbiological stability. The measurement of water activity is critical for the quality and health safety of a product.


shelf life

product quality

Reduces cost
and wastage


Food Industry
Food Industry
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

1. Check filter
2. Calibration check
3. Swipe salt
4. Chop / mash sample
5. Place 2/3 in cup
6. Place open sample cup in measuring chamber
8. Close lid and start

Measurement Screen

Depending on settings, stable measurement information or graph visualization is displayed in this area. To change from one to the other, press the ‘Main Menu’ button in the function key area, then press on the icon ‘Display’ and change settings according to your needs.

  1. Chamber Area
  2. Stable Display or Graph Area
  3. Audit Trail Area
  4. Function Key Area

How to use the Novasina LabMaster-aW neo

What is water activity?

Measuring water activity

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Water Activity Meter | Labmaster Neo AW (Novasina)