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Art and Heritage

Novatron Scientific are proud members of the Museums Association, Ecclesiastical & Heritage World and the Museums Advisor.  As the exclusive UK supplier and service agent for the Defensor Swiss-made portable humidifiers within the museums, galleries & conservation markets, we are trusted supplier to the Royal Households of the UK and other National Heritage sites.

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PH Defensor Humidifiers

The PH humidifier range efficiently humidifies while simultaneously purifying the air in dusty and contaminated environments for the benefit of Works of Art and also human health.

Experts in the museum and heritage sector

As a supplier to the sector for over 20 years, we are proud to be members of the following associations:

Humidifiers Installation

Novatron humidifiers are extremely easy to setup and use, but if you prefer, one of our qualified, experienced engineers who will visit your premises to install your new product.


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