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Humidity System | Triplex (Novasina)

Modular transmitter used as display and signal output unit. Powered by 24V dc, the integral processor allows the display and output of calculated climatic parameters, including relative humidity and mixing ratio (g/Kg). Analogue output signals are available as : 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-1V etc.
This replaces the Triplex TR 200

  • Graphical display with LED backlight
  • Menu navigation using the front keypad with 3 buttons
  • Scalable and adjustable analogue outputs
  • Simulation of fixed measurement values (override)
  • Integrated climatic parameter processor

The Quantadat Triplex system comes with three Quantadat transmitters including probes which are supplied ready configured and calibrated. They are also supplied with all the necessary calibration salt capsules.

The below specifications are applicable to each Quantadat transmitter.

Humidity & Temperature Measurement Transmitter | QuantaDat (Novasina) Specifications


Industrial Environmental Control
Industrial Environmental Control
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

Humidity System | Triplex (Novasina)