Industrial Humidity Instruments

Novatron supply a range of high quality precision instrumentation for measuring and controlling temperature, humidity and light. For use in process and quality control as well as hand held monitoring instrumentation for spot checks and portable convenience. Applications include transmitters for building management / control systems, or for use in production process control / monitoring or quality control. The Novasina range of instruments feature a unique measuring sensor cell for very high accuracy measurement of humidity with no hysteresis and low drift. The Novasina instruments have outputs that can either be analogue or digital and there is a large range of instrument mounting options and sensor probe designs, which means that Novatron can always supply the correct instrument for specific applications. All instruments can be calibrated and Novatron offer on-site or in-house calibration by our specialist team of highly trained engineers. Novatron is UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 & UKAS traceable calibration can be performed if required.