Precisa Moisture Balances

Novatron supply the full range of Precisa high quality moisture content / moisture balance meters. The instruments feature sturdy construction, perfect for all laboratory and production environments and weighing technology which meets all international metrological regulations. The Precisa instruments have a wide weighing range and high temperature range to suit most applications. The practical construction enables easy cleaning and a high contrast, bright vacuum fluorescent display for easy reading in most conditions. A special dark infra-red version, without any glass for safety, is available for use in the food industry. Novatron and Precisa have a large data base of “ test methods” for analysing various products and foods or tests can be performed on your own specific product to determine the best method for fast , accurate analysis. All instruments can be serviced, maintained and calibrated by Novatron either on site or in-house with calibration up to traceable standards if required.