Novasina Triplex Humidity System

Novasina Triplex Humidity System

For air intake control of RB211DLE Gas Turbine Engines

Triplex Humidity System – Background & application

Most  Rolls Royce RB211 DLE  gas turbines used in gas  & oil  applications  were fitted  with  Novasina  TR200  humidity  measurement systems for engine air intake monitoring. Three probes connected to three TR200 transmitters giving a 4-20 mA signal to the engine control system. The readings were given in g/ Kg ( grams of water per Kg dry air or ‘mixing ratio’). This was part of an engineering upgrade for Dry Low Emissions compliance produced by Rolls Royce in conjunction with Cooper Energy Services, going back to the early 1990s.

The TR200 system was made entirely obsolete by Novasina in 2005 the new Triplex Quantadat instruments replaces this, doing exactly the same job only to better tolerances , faster response and simpler to set up and install with intuitive menu.

The Quantadat Triplex system does everything that the previous TR200 Triplex humidity system did, even more.

Three Quantadats with probes are supplied ready configured and calibrated, with all the necessary calibration salt capsules.

Novatron remain as the global specialist for the CRR Triplex system for RB211 DLE and are exclusive supplier for Novasina Swiss-made sensors. All technical support and supplies are exclusively from in the Novatron United Kingdom.

Monitoring Air Humidity intake

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