Water Activity Instruments & Meters

Novatron supply the full range of Novasina precision, high quality water activity meters and are the sole UK agent and suppliers for Novasina Swiss-made precision instrumentation.  The range includes portable battery operated instruments, leading up to large multi-channel instruments.  The Novasina water activity instruments feature a unique measuring sensor cell for very high accuracy measurement of water activity, with no hysteresis, low drift and resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents that would otherwise affect the results of other water activity sensors.   Better than 0.003 aW repeatability is achievable from the instruments and resilience to powders, splashes and solvents is guaranteed by the wide range of protective filters for all applications.  Used around the world in many industries from food and pharmaceuticals to oil and chemicals.  The water activity instruments can be used in process / quality control on the production line or laboratory analysis and product development. All instruments can be serviced, maintained and calibrated by Novatron either on site or in-house by our specialist team of highly trained engineers. Novatron is UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 & UKAS traceable calibration can be performed if required.