Novasina ClimMate

Novasina ClimMate

  • High accuracy
  • Unique electrolytic sensor
  • Colour touch display

The Novasina ClimMate

Versatile measurement instrument for detection and display of parameters such as air humidity, temperature, absolute pressure, airflow, volumetric flow rate, CO2, water activity and more.

Complete kit supplied with hard case and manual.

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Additional information

Measurement Range

Humidity 0 … 100% RH Temperature -20 … +80°C

Measurement accuracy

Humidity 15 … 30°C typical +/- 0.5% RH


0 … 50°C typical +/- 0.8% RH


Humidity -20 … +80°C typical +/- 2.5% RH
Temperature 0 … +70°C typical +/- 0.1K -20 … +80°C typical +/- 0.2K


W62 x D34 x H170 mm (without probe) Weight: approx. 200 gr Protection class IP54

Measuring parameters

Relative humidity, temperature, 800-1100mbar (integrated): accuracy @25°C +/-0.5mbar.

calculated parameters: Mixing ratio, water vapor pressure, dew point temperature, abs. humidity, wet bulb temp, water activity.